JavaScript not working on a deployed site (Parcel)


I’m having an issue with an already deployed site that doesn’t seem to read a .js in a “dist” folder (publish directory). Since I use Parcel, a build command is also configured in Build Settings.
Everything works locally, and I see overall compilation goes smooth on Netlify (so the “dist” folder is created and found well).

GitHub repo: GitHub - pokercatt/cuisinya: A recipe web app which made to demonstrate a a software design pattern of MVC.
Deployed site:
Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 2.44.01 PM

Please help.
Thanks in advance,

Hey @pokercatt,

From what I see, your site seems to be requesting a JS file on page load. So this appears to be working fine. Did you solve this or is there a different issue?

Unfortunately, no. The problem persists despite I’ve tried to deploy it from scratch many times. I see it’s requesting a js file, and it’s even visible during the initial build on Netlify (file sizes are identical to the ones built locally), but js is not active: for example, a search request triggers a page reload (standard behavior for a submit button).

Hey there, @pokercatt :wave:

I looked into this further today, and it appears as though your file is not being parsed and that there is an error. Here is what I saw:

Can you please try resolving this error and seeing if that addresses your issue?

Hey @pokercatt

There is a project called Forkify (example here, original here) which is the same app. This also uses fractional and also suffers from the same issue (see a previous thread here).

I did build/deploy from the original Forkify, and it does not appear to have the same issue with Fraction undefined as yours and other clones do (I don’t have an API KEY to properly test though.)