I couldn't verify my Netlify account

Dear team Netlify,
on 16/01/2024 I tried to sign up to Netlify. but it sent me a verification mail. I was varying. but in this process, it wanted to scan a QR code. but at the time, I had no mobile phone with me. so, I thought that I would verify it later. but now when I am trying to verify it shows, “We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account.” I want to delete my account completely and again sign up with this email or GitHub account. I don’t know if my account is connected with my email or GitHub account. Email: programmer.turzo@gmail.com. My GitHub account is also logged in with this email address.

Please note that I am under 18 years old. So I have not enough identity to verify the account. Even though I have no passport. I want to delete th

Hi, if you cannot verify your ID can you please reach out to verifyid@netlify.com as they will be able to assist you.