How to upload a large project with node_modules?

How can I manually upload a large project with node_modules in it? The project is around 27 mb (including modules) and uses only HTML, CSS (tailwind) and Javascript. When i try to manually deploy it, it shows this message:
We’re having some trouble connecting you to Netlify.

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Hi @Lindrit_Sulaj

If your project requires building, uploading the node_modules directory will do nothing. To have Netlify build a project, you need to deploy from git

How can i deploy this project from git and is git the only option here? I also don’t have that much experience with git.

No, deploying from git isn’t the only option. Another option is using Netlify CLI. Information about that is in the documentation I previously linked (section below deploying from git.)

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We’ve implemented a fix for a pending issue that was related to this particular behaviour. Please try to upload again but be thoughtful of the limitations expressed on this Guide:

Let us know how that goes!

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