Uploading build folder taking longer than usual

Name of site: nufoundry.org

I have been trying to upload my build folder but it has been taking longer than usual I don’t know what the problem is find attach is a screenshot, in the shot it shows failed twice because I cancelled the upload after taking so much time please I would like a solution and yeah it is a react project, it’s also okay to know that on my console for the application there are warnings I don’t if maybe that might be the cause of the issue.

Hi, @Cipherr. The first thing I would check is this:

  • Are you uploading the node_modules directory with the site?

If so, you do not need to do so. If you are including that directory, no longer doing so should help uploads be faster.

However, I did get your previous builds and I’m not seeing that done in the past. The node_modules directory probably isn’t the cause unless you have changed how you are uploading.

Also, are you using “drag and drop” to deploy via the web UI or are you using the Netlify CLI tool to deploy?

If you are deploying via the web UI, that is known to be less robust than manual deploys using the CLI. All uploads are subject to networking issues. Wifi can be spotty. Internet routing between very distant locations might have transient errors that are neither you or Netlify can control.

With the web UI, if one of these network “hiccups” occur, the upload will stop and never resume. It will say the deploy is “uploading” in the web UI forever (or until you cancel the deploy).

With the Netlify CLI tool, if a network hiccup occurs the CLI tool will automatically detect the error and resume the upload where it left off. (It will resume in progress upload.) This means the CLI tool is a far more reliable means of uploading deploys to Netlify.

If you install the CLI tool and use it for manual deploys, you should not longer see the “stuck” deploys.

If using the CLI to deploy doesn’t fix this (or if there are other questions), please reply here anytime.