How to move domain from Wix to netlify

My company has a site on Wix the site name is and I built for them with react and deployed it to Netlify and I created a CNAME record on the DNS management panel in Wix that points to my netlify subdomain and here on netilfy I added the Wix domain as a primary domain. Wix won’t allow to edit name servers as given by netlify.

So how to verify if my domain is successfully moved from wix to netlify ??

You have to add an A record for the apex domain: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs and CNAME for the subdomain. No need to do anything with the nameservers.

What would be the CNAME for subdomain and A records for apex domain ?? From where i will get this ?

our apex domain is and subdomain So, can u please explain step by step what to change in wix dns records so that it moves to netlify

The documentation that I linked to answers exactly that. Did you try referring to it? If so, did you run into any issues? If so, could you show your current configuration on Wix end?

Above issue is resolved now. Thanks for your great support. but now i have another issue,

I have two subdomains e.g and, but google login working differently on both the subdomains. If i logged in on then it should show logged in with same account on So, how would i achieve this ??

That’s not really a Netlify question, so we can’t help you wish that. Please contact Google on how to integrate their service with your website.