Connect my deploy to Wix domain

My company has a site on Wix the site name is and I built for them a digital business card with react and deployed it to Netlify and I created a CNAME record on the DNS management panel in Wix that points to my netlify subdomain and here on netilfy I added the Wix domain as a primary domain and also add for it the same CNAME records and now after more than 48 hours I still see netlify page not found when trying to access that business-card through the Wix domain
and on my netlify domain management I see this note “Awaiting External DNS”.

in general this business card app represent 3 different workers and each of them has its route with his name so, for example, the path on netlify looks like this and in wix the CNAME record is pointing to I also configured _redirect file in my public folder of this project and still this not working what can I do to solve this issue

If the domain is hosted on Wix and you wish it to remain that way you do not add or to your Netlify site and you do not change the DNS records for either.

This is not the actual URL is it? You are using as one.

$ dig CNAME	4168	IN	CNAME

You will need to add this as the custom domain rather than the apex and www for reasons mentioned above.

You will need to add the URLs for each person as a custom domain. You will then either need to redirect to /[worker-name] or handle routing in React itself to display the correct information depending on the sub-domain accessed.

ok I did this

and it worked for yakir page and I type for example or I still see yakir page
it can be related to the _redirects file?

The first redirect overrides the others. It needs to go last.

This will come down to how you are handling routing in react.

can it work like this?

That is what I said, yes.