Redirecting a client's website that is done on wix, to netlify

Hei there.
Junior front end dev here; managed to do a job for a client; the website is hosted here, on netlify -
What am I looking for is that when you go to the old site from wix to be forgotten, and instead, redirect to my site which is hosted on netlify.
Since their nameservers on wix cannot be edited, I have added the dns on the cname, like this :
TTL: 1 hour

So now the original domain address, which is is dead, not loading, so now my dilema is: did I do it right, using the dns in the cname(also should www be used before dns?) so if the is not redirected yet to the netlify site, is it because the dns is not propagated yet or I messed up the dns stuff?

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your help/tips!

Unfortunately, the config you’ve shared is incorrect. You need 2 records:

Name Value Type
@ A

You can remove any others records that you might have created.

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@hrishikesh Thank you for the reply.
I have updated the cname and A records as shown bellow:

cname records - Screenshot-2022-12-19-at-20-59-55 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

a records - Screenshot-2022-12-19-at-21-00-23 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I’m wondering, on the A section, I should have only the A record of the netlify, or i should leave there the ones from wix aswell?
Thank you very much,

Hi, @mihai-gabriel1. The other A records not pointing to Netlify should be deleted.

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