Hosting via Netlify without being able to edit name servers on Wix


I am hosting a static site for a client on Netlify, and they have bought their own domain already which I planned on serving via Netlify. However, they bought their domain using (boooo, Wix!) and they annoyingly don’t allow you to change the name server records. Therefore I can’t change them to the name servers that Netlify have given me in the step-by-step for connecting my domain.

What could be my alternate process here? My clients plan on launching tomorrow so I’d like to get it right ASAP as I know DNS changes can take some time to propagate. I have read some things about using the CNAME to redirect to the auto-generated Netlify domain but I’m unsure how to implement this via Wix.

So for reference let’s say I have purchased on Wix - from here I can add/edit the A record and CNAME record by changing the host name and value, but the NameServer records I cannot edit. Then from Netlify’s side I have my site uploaded, currently accessible from the random generated custom domain,

How should I configure my DNS settings on Wix by filling out the hostname and value fields to get this working.

Thank you so much in advance! :blush:

For any future readers or respondents - I believe what I was after is pointing my Wix domain to my website that I am hosting on Netlify. For this I needed the CNAME (which is my Netlify domain) and the A record which is actually the Netlify load balancer, so I pointed my A record to - as described in this article:

I need to wait for propagation now, but I will see if this was successful and update here and maybe on SO.

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Hey @LushawnDev

It is possible to transfer a domain away from Wix which in the long run is probably a better option.