Can I Host Only A SubDomain on Netlify and my Main Domain on Wix?


Basically I am creating a Wix website but want to have one portion of it hosted on Netlify because I want to customize it myself and Wix’s capabilities aren’t the best for it.

I want to concurrently only host “” on Netlify
and then “” on Wix. I purchased my URL from NameCheap.

I connected both the subdomain DNS from Netlify and the main domain DNS from Wix to NameCheap but I believe I am getting some issues. The site is failing for some people.

Any answers?

This is possible, the documentation for hosting just a subdomain on Netlify is here:

Can you tell me the name of the site and I can look into it further?

Hi @sid.mann:

The site appears to be loading correctly, what issue are you facing?