How To migrate Site to Netlify without any technical Knowledge

Hello, I am Daren!

My question is I have a tool-based gaming site and I want to migrate it on netlify in that way my site ranking not affect. Basically, I have a speed issue in my site I add games day by day and it harmfully affects the speed.I have no knowledge of netlify from where I start?
Site Url

Hey, the easiest way to try out Netlify is to drop your site’s folder on Netlify Drop: Netlify App

If you are happy with the results, give the site a meaningful name.

You can then assign your custom domain to the site using the site’s Domain settings and adding your domain. Follow the instructions to point your domain to Netlify servers.

By pointing your existing domain to Netlify, your site ranking will probably not be affected because you only changed the underlying technology and provider, but to the user nothing changed. If you are able to improve the perfomance via moving to Netlify, your site ranking should even become better.

You’re currently probably using Wordpress. Note that it’s not supported on Netlify and you’d have to remake your website from scratch. There are various tools that convert, however I’m not sure how good they work.

One thing to note, during this conversion, chances are some data might be lost or modified which may or may not affect SEO. So, there’s no assurance that SEO won’t be affected.

  1. Step 1: Add Your New Site. Creating a new site on Netlify is simple.
  2. Step 2: Link to Your GitHub (or supported version-control tool of choice
  3. Step 3: official website Netlify
  4. Step 4: Select Your Repo.
  5. Step 5: Configure Your Settings.
  6. Step 6: Build Your Site.
  7. Step 7: All Done.

@MikeKing Daren, if you truly have no technical knowledge, then the only way to make this transition in a short time-frame is to hire someone who does have sufficient technical knowledge.