How to move existing wordpress website to Netlify Platform?

I am an affiliate marketer and I just have created an affiliate website on Wordpress. The biggest problem I am facing is speed. The speed of the website is too slow and I am too much worried about this because Google will announce new core web vitals update before May 2021. Before update, I want to move my website from Wordpress to Netlify, because my friends tell me that they are using netlify and speed of their site is reall amazing. Please help me in this matter. During searching in Netlify forum, I am hearby someone who told that first of all I need to convert my wordpress website to custom website and after that I can move to Netlify. Is it true? If yes, then how I can first convert wordpress pages to custom pages? Is there any official netlify source available from where I can learn all the process step by step?
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Netlify support help needed. Thanks,

hi @Arec-Johnson ! welcome. Maybe you would find this blog post helpful?

I can tell you right now that this is going to be a difficult transition to make, given your current content. You might want to think about other approaches, such as Cloudflare caching ($) or other WordPress speed-up techniques. For the money you spend hiring a developer to convert you from WordPress to static, you could pay for a premium host and a lot of optimization.