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Hosting Confusion

I have a website name skatinginfo. I want to host it on netlify means use netlify hosting and all function access from WordPress? I s it possible? Or i have to use proper setup on netlify?

Hi @fredstill,

You can’t directly deploy your Wordpress website on Netlify and there would be a lot of conversion to do. You’d have to use a SSG (Static Site Generator) to get this task done. You can find many resources related to it online.

A simpler way would be to export your Wordpress website as a static site using some plugin, but it might not work 100% perfectly.

and what if i want to migrate whole site on netlify? Is it easy through some plugins?

Hi @fredstill,

I don’t think there is a 100% fool-proof way to convert your Wordpress to Netlify. The entire architecture of the two systems is different. I haven’t used much of Wordpress to actually comment on if it’s possible or what plugins to use. But from my understanding, it’s not possible to replicate some features probably. For example, maybe the search won’t work or if you’ve comments, that might not work.

I would advise you to try and see if you’ve any luck with it and what results you get. If you get satisfactory results, you’re good to go.