How to handle three domains pointing to same app?


I have created my first site and am trying to point 3 domains to it. I have updated the Nameservers to point to Netlify’s DNS and they all seem to work with I try to load them on http.

I need to setup SSL Certification I guess and am not sure how to handle it.

Could someone please let me know how to do so for a situation like this?
For example, is it possible to get one SSL Cert for one domain and then just redirect the other two domains to the one which has a cert?

Any help is appreciated.

Hey @swhinck,

Add all of your domains, two as aliases, from the domain pane on your site… and as if by magic it’ll work!

If you’re having issues with this, make sure you follow prompts in the UI and renew your cert once changes are made (and don’t spam-click this button, it is rate limited!). Feel free to leave your site name and we can also take a look if we’re still strugglin’.

Thank you for the quick reply, yes I am out of my depth here I think.

So right now in my list of domains I currently have all three domains listed:

Clicking into each of them they all have their own DNS Records, Nameservers etc.
This is incorrect?

If I understand you I need to go to site-a / DNS Records / Add New Record
and add site-b and site-c as Aliases.

Is that correct?

And if so, do I then need to delete the other two domains from the Domains section?

Additionally, on my domain registrar all three sites have different Netlify name servers. Should they all match the name server of site-a?

It depends what the UI tells you to add RE: Name Servers! :smile:

It’s not wrong for each domain to have an associated page.

If you have one site and you want, and to all point to the one site, and you’re using Netlify DNS, simply add them to the site at the following URL (you’ll have to add your site name, you never provided it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:):[yoursite]/settings/domain#custom-domains.

We’ll take care of creating the NETLIFY records which subsequently point each domain to your site.

Ok I see it now thanks to your link. It appears to be setup correctly.

Trying to load the primary works (https) but the second and third both throw the Warning that the sites are not secure.

What I was hoping for is that they somehow bypass that check, even if it means just redirecting them to the primary URL. Meaning the address bar would end up at the primary URL.

so running a check at http I get the following error:

`Hostname/IP does not match certificate's altnames: Host: is not in the cert's altnames: DNS:*,`

So even though the sites are set to go to the primary site, they need to be included in the SSL certificate. I dont see how to set that up though?

At the bottom of the domain management page, there’s an option to renew your cert. If you give that a hit and wait a couple minutes, does the cert re-issue with the new domains added?

Failing that, if you can provide your site or team name, I can take a look!