Dynamic subdomain pointing to same deployment?

We have an app that runs in a single instance but uses subdomains to identify branding of the site, eg. thing.domain.com and other.domain.com both points to the same app, but we parse it and decide what to show with client code.

I’ve seen the topic Wildcard subdomains & redirects, but I am hoping it’s something different. The price tag of the Pro plan is too high for our little startup yet.

We have successfully setup Netlify DNS for our custom domain.

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Hey @FredyC! Can you give a little more detail as to what question you are trying to answer or problem you are trying to solve? That’d be helpful in order to best support you :slight_smile:

Um, it wasn’t clear enough? I simply want to know if I can setup Netlify DNS so instead of just domain.com and www.domain.com, all subdomains (eg. thing.domain.com) will serve the production build. Is it Pro feature only?

Hi @FredyC, it was a bit confusing to me, but no worries, you’ve clarified. It sounds like what you want is a wildcard subdomain, so that all subdomains to your domain lead to the same site. This is something that we can do but only if the site is under a Pro Team or above. Also note that if you use wildcard subdomain you won’t be able to use domain aliases on that site.

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Ok thanks, but as I said earlier, Pro plan is too expensive for us just for this one feature. We don’t need anything else yet. I find it a bit strange asking $45/m for mostly just adding another DNS record.