Using wildcard subdomains together with static subdomains


we are interested to replace parts of our self-maintained infrastructure by Netlify. I’m curious if the following is possible, assuming we owned

Site A makes use of Netlify’s wildcard feature. All subdomains that don’t match any of the other sites below will be mapped served this site. Such as, and so on. There is an indefinite number of clients, hence we would like to use the wildcard *

Site B should be served for the following subdomains and

Site C is an internal app, which only has one subdomain

Our company’s landing page is hosted somewhere else as Is this possible and if so, are there any points to consider?

Thank you.

Hi @jz222,

This is possible fairly easily if you use Netlify DNS (however, you’d have to add the wildcard DNS entry yourself). If note, you’d have to bring is a custom wildcard certificate.

And yes, wildcard domain feature is only available for pro and above.