Manage Netlify's SSL Certificate Domains

I continue to run into the issue when I am hosting with Netlify that the SSL Certificate doesn’t include the wild card and I have to reach out to support every time. Is there a way that I can manage the domains for the SSL certificate on Netlify?

Currently it’s Domains:
Need it to be Domains: *,

Sure thing, two options:

  1. import your own custom wildcard certificate. These can be had for relatively cheap from vendors such as alphassl. There are almost always “deals” out there on the internet to get them for under 50 bucks, if you literally google “cheap wildcard ssl”. I haven’t found those companies (usually comodo or alphassl) to offer the same cheap pricing without going in via google, but YMMV.
  2. let us manage your DNS. That’s the only way we can get wildcard certificates; we are not permitted to otherwise by our SSL provider.