How to add domain forwarding (URL) records

Hi, I would like to create subdomains that forward to a different URL. My domain provider provided this but since moving to NetlifyDNS I am not sure how to go about it.

I want to create a domain like and redirect it to some place like

Because I am forwarding to a specified path, I don’t think a CNAME record will solve the problem for me. So far, the only option I can think of is to create more NETLIFY records with apps to enable redirecting their index to where I want.

Is there a better way to go about this?

I had read this post about forwarding subdomains to path but the solution there doesn’t work in my case where I simply want a record that points to a path on a different domain

Hi @josephrexme

The post you linked to it the only option. You would need to add the subdomain to a site (main site or another Netlify site) as a custom domain/custom domain alias a configure redirects. If required, you can have more than one subdomain set up on a single Netlify site.

I know of no other way to accomplish your desired setup.

The link with the solutuion is deleted.

My Domain is paid and registered on netlify and need to create a subdomain like and redirect it to

How it works? I don’t have the option for create url redirects like 301 only CName etc

Hey @VidarDev

You create a new Netlify site, and add as a custom domain. You can then deploy (using drag and drop) a directory with a _redirects file that contains


So that any path on that subdomain is redirected to the Discord URL.

Ok but I want to keep my main site under and also don’t want to set up another branch only for this rederict. How do I handle this exactly?

Sry for thebquestion but iam new on netlify. On namecheap tat all was very easy

so i can create a completely new page with even though i already have a page with

Correct @VidarDev, you deploy a completely new site and configure as the custom domain. You do not change anything to do with or the site it is attached to.

There is no need for a branch. You can deploy this site using Drag and Drop.

Wow ok nice. i will try it right away. thank you very much for the help

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ok why a directory that have only one _redirects file need more then 20 mins to deploy? no fails no deploy only:
Deploy log
3:30:03 PM: Creating deploy upload records

You are using drag and drop? If so it will never deploy as per this guide so you will need to deploy again.

yeah nvm i need a empty index.html

ok all done no fails:
3:49:28 PM: Creating deploy upload records
3:49:30 PM: Starting post processing
3:49:30 PM: Post processing - HTML
3:49:30 PM: Post processing - header rules
3:49:30 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
3:49:30 PM: Post processing done
3:49:33 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

But no forwarding test ureself:

ok handle it the redirect need force for working like that
/* Nine Realms 301!

all done thanks for help