Redirect subdomain to another site


I have a website deployed with Netlify on a subdomain. I have the DNSs set up on my domain registran since I have a couple of more services with them, so I just point an ANAME entry with that subdomain in the DNSs to the Netlify deployment.

I would like to have now a sub-subdomain redirect to another website (a google photos album) or that subdomain. Can I do it just setting the _redirect file in my deployment or I need to bring all the DNSs to Netlify?

I’m really thinking to move the whole DNSs to here, but I would like to know if the redirection of a whole subdomain of a subdomain can be done.


No one can give me some answer about this?


I make it work, but I set it now —just in case— CNAME redirections in on my domain registrar and on Netlify. Can someone tell me which ones are the correct ones?

You definitely do not need to use our DNS hosting. You can always just use a CNAME to for anything - from to

You would of course need to configure our side to do the right thing:

  1. put all names you want to be served by that site. in your Domain Settings tab
  2. use our redirects functionality to redirect to that host:
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First of all, thanks a lot for the answer!

One question, if I decided to change the DNS to Netlify —afterwards— do I have to set those CNAMES in Netlify DNS zone too, or are they set automatically?

By the way, it would be great if you have some kind of importer for the DNS zone. Specially for people that we aren’t experts setting it up, we just can download the CSV from our domain registrar and upload to Netlify.

You can remove and re-add the names and we’ll create them; this will cause a moment of downtime. Otherwise you can self-create (CNAME’s work well and get full effects of our CDN; it’s the bare domain A record performance using another DNS provider that is likely to make you want a “Netlify-created” record)

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