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Hi there,

I have a free account but I need some help setting up a subdomain. The problem is that I have pointed my Name Servers from Google Domains to Netlify where I have my main domain deployed.

I’m building another website on webflow and I want to create a subdomain. How to I point my A records for the subdomain to Webflow?


@Richard_Diviney If you have your Name Servers at Google pointed at Netlify, then you’re using Netlify DNS.

So you would manage your DNS records within Netlify.

The documentation for adding a new record is here:

Hey @nathanmartin, I appreciate that. Is there an “explain to me like I’m 5” explanation. I have tried following the subdomain settings on Webflow and Netlify but I’m getting a 404 on my web page here:

This is a screenshot of what I’ve configured on webflow’s end.

There might be, but not from me unfortunately, as I’m just a fellow developer and have to get back to my own work. I was just hoping I could get you out of your rut.

All I know is that Netlify won’t go out of their way to perform site specific configuration work for you, since their service is largely based on it being self managed.

Not having used Netlify’s DNS system myself I can’t even tell if that’s what you’ve provided a screenshot of.

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Hi @Richard_Diviney :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out. This is a good question and I think it might be easily explained with a tutorial. I found this helpful youtube video that shows how to create your domain in Netlify. Skip to the one minute mark and watch from there. This has that “explain like i’m 5” you were looking for.

I hope this helps? Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you need more help. :blush:

Hey there!

No luck with this tutorial. I need help creating a subdomain but hosting it the subdomain on Webflow. Thanks for the suggestion though!

@Richard_Diviney Taking another look at the screenshot you posted, based on the values I’m guessing it is a screenshot from the Webflow side of things?

It looks like you’ve told them that you plan to host their content at and to do so they have in turn provided you with two DNS records to be inserted at your DNS.

If your Name Servers are pointed at Netlify, then it really should just be a case of accessing the DNS management in Netlify and adding the two records, which is precisely the documentation I linked to yesterday.

1. Go to the Domains tab for your team.

When you’re logged in to your account on Netlify, go to the Domains tab in the main menu…

2. Select the domain you want to edit.

You should see your domain listed on the page, select it.
Unfortunately I can’t show a screenshot of this, (or any following step), as I have no domains to manage in Netlify.

Since you will be adding two separate DNS records, you’ll need to loop through the following steps 3, 4, 5 twice, once for each record you are adding.

3. At the bottom of the DNS records panel, select **Add new record**.

4. Choose the type of record to create from the menu and fill in the remaining options. The fields you need to fill out will depend on the type of record you select.

5. Select Save to create the record and make the changes live.

To add the first record you would “3. add”, “4. set the values” and “5. save”…

Name: dashboard

To add the second record you would “3. add”, “4. set the values” and “5. save”…

Type: TXT
Name: @

Hi, @Richard_Diviney. I think you were successful because I see the working DNS records now: 3600 IN	CNAME

and:	3600	IN	TXT	""

Thank you for sharing those instructions. @nathanmartin.

@Richard_Diviney, if there are any other questions or if anything still isn’t working as required, please let us know.