How can I change which Netlify site my hostname is pointing to?

We have an existing setup where we have domains pointing to Assuming at the CDN level this is being routed down to the correct Netlify instance. How or where can you change the instance this is being routed to? We want to update from to, without having to touch our DNS setup. Is there somewhere we can update CDN Settings?

For more info this is what I see when running DIG 300 IN CNAME 20 IN A

And we want to update the Netlify instance this ultimately gets pointed to. Both instances are under the same Team. Is it as simple as moving the domain names over to the new instance?

Hey Chad,

If you need more details as those details will vary based on which customer you’re working with and isn’t any of our customers, please ask! :wink: You shouldn’t be using that hostname directly anyway, there should be a subdomain in front of it and that is what will vary and be specific to your account.

However at a high level no DNS changes should be needed ; only settings in the Netlify UI:

  1. Remove name from old site
  2. Apply name to new site
  3. New site will be served

Thanks @fool! Figured there was some Netlify magic going on here! This is our first time we’ve worked with a client with this type of setup, and couldn’t find any docs on netlifyglobalcdn.