How do I change which site my custom domain points to?

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I haven’t looked in the admin section to verify this, but I imagine you would go to the Domains page and do any reassignments there.

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@gregraven that’s a great answer and it’s something someone should definitely do if they are switching which site their domain points to, but it’s actually not the entire truth.

A little “inside Netlify” here: We determine which site to send a request to based on which site has that domain on it, which can be different from the site that your DNS points to.

For example, if your site is and you create a domain and setup the DNS on that domain with a CNAME record for, it still won’t load that site unless you add that domain as a custom domain or domain alias on your domain page. If you create a secondary site called then you can leave the DNS the way it was and just remove the custom domain from the previous site and add it as a custom domain on and it will load even though the cname record is still for :dizzy_face:

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