Homepage works after deploy second page not working

My site is Vite App

As I mentioned before the hompage works fine and this page (‘CloseBy.vue’) loads fine. Its just when I click the button to open the map and list of places the site just doesn’t render. I spent hours double checking the code for errors. I’m trying to figure out why the ‘CloseBy’ page only works after clicking the find button and then hitting back on the browser. I appreciate any help as I’m still new to this and not sure if its the build thats the problem.

@Eboston1 This just seems like a code issue, likely unrelated to Netlify.

I see an error as soon as I load that page:


If I disable the browser cache it fails earlier on the same line:


You may be dealing with a race condition.

Have you tried ensuring that the google library has loaded and is ready before accessing it?

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Well on the hompage https://sunny-clafoutis-ad496c.netlify.app/ the google library loads just fine. The autocomplete is a less important feature since there is a find location button next to the input field. I thought it was the code too except for the fact the ‘CloseBy’ page loads after

clicking back on the browser.

I just looked up race condition and that might be it. I figured I’d reach out for help since the back button on chrome is loading the page. Is that just a page refresh?

I see no errors in the developer console for the homepage:

I also don’t see anything that indicates any issue you’re experiencing is related to Netlify.

All files are being served correctly, what the code does is down to your application.

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