Vue Js doesnt load a second component after one request


Please help-me. I just created a dashboard on vue.js using vuex, on my local host the site looks perfect, if i try to change the user name to another without refresh the page, the new user are loaded, but on netlify deployed version, i try my nick, ok the site load perfect, but if i grab another player from any list, and put that into the input, the pages loads on loop, and the component body doesnt load no more until refresh the page.

Second request without a refresh:

I’m not sure if I’ve understood your question correctly, but from whatever I tried, this appears to be an error in your codebase than Netlify.

I visited your site, and in the input in the header, I typed nick pressed enter.

In the dev tools console, I got this:

Which points to some file in your codebase. This would be a good starting point for you to debug.

Thanks, that are a problem caused by --production mode on npm run, and the data, the $emit and props doesn’t work on components with no association, like “brothers” only to parent and child component, To solve that problem i put all my methods on vuex store actions. That make the components share the same data and the same methods :smiley: