Vuejs app with router get page-reloads instead of page transitions when builded on netlify

Hi everybody,

I build a small boilertemplate demo app with vuejs and vuerouter.
When I run the app local, it running normally, with vuejs page transitions and animations. As a normal js app, without page reloads.

I added to Netlify and there the app isn’t running normally:

When I click on a navigation link, it causes a page-reload instead of just switching the page with a transition.

Do you see where could the problem come from? Is there a way in Netlify to specify that the website is a js app and doenst have to make a page reload for all the links?

Thank you a lot for your help!

Deploy Log: Netlify App

Github Rep: GitHub - daviddarx/boilerplate-vuejs

Note: the content keep beeing the content of the homepage, even on other pages:

I guess that this is due to the _redirects file with (/* /index.html 200), to avoid 404 on reload. And I guess this will not happen anymore as soon as the links don’t cause the page reloads

Oh, hum. Ich checked my full package.js again and saw that “parcel-plugin-prerender”: “^1.4.1”, was remain from a previous trial to prerender the website. I removed it and it’s now working as espected.


fantastic! thanks for sharing.

Great, I am happy it could helps, then was the ticket not that useless ;-).

By the Way, Netlify offers its own prerendering function (beta)