My vue multipage app is showing only the home page

I deployed my vue project to netlify but the only page showing is the home page only.

I have several other pages that are supposed to show but whenever I navigate to these other pages the response I get is => Page not found.

I am confused on what to do or how to go about it.

My site name:

Thanks for your help in advance

Download your deploy and check if you’re getting a index.html at each path. For example, the /Buy could be at /Buy.html, or /Buy/index.html. If none of these files exist, what you’re seeing is expected behaviour.

I was only able to find one html file which is index.html … the js folder contains only .app files

What do I do to rectify this issue?

Is there a chance you’re using server-side rendering? If yes, try to find out if you can convert your app to a static app which produces HTML files for all routes.

Also, this might be a long shot and it’s usually a problem with React apps, but you might as well try it. In your publish folder, add a file with the name _redirects and the contents /* /index.html 200.

I am not using a server side rendering … I used the normal vue cli.

When I looked at the deploy folder, i can see links to other pages and i can also view other pages content but somehow I don’t know why netlify is not seeing these files.

You said you could see only 1 HTML file.

So can you explain what you mean by this?

About links to other pages, links don’t control existence of page. We can link to anything, a page might or might not exist at that URL.

Yes I could only find one html file which is the index file…

As for the links to other pages, i perused the downloaded deploy file in vscode and I was able to see contents of the other pages.

so the solution to this is for me to create html files for these pages?

what would those html files contain

Thank you

Sorry but I still don’t understand, if there are no HTML files for the pages, where are you seeing their content?

Share your repo or the downloaded deploy if possible.

above is the link to my production file and the repo as a whole. I will be anticipating your response thank you.

the contents can be seen in the js files

Oh so, that’s where the issue is probably. But I’ll comment more after checking the repo.

Turns out, I had already answered your question here:

I just did that and deployed your website and it works fine, try here:

It’s also mentioned in Vue documentation: Deployment | Vue CLI

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wow … can you please let me see a snapshot of the html file you used in doing this?

I haven’t changed even a bit of your code, so it’s exactly the same as yours. I just took the dist folder, added the file I mentioned above and published it. Done.

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Yes done … Thank you mr hrishikesh … You have been so helpful…

we have been at this for hours and you have answered every of my silly :laughing: questions one after the other…

I appreciate you so much… Thank you once again.

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@hrishikesh and @AdetolaAremu, awesome solutions and steps here. Thank you both for being part of the Forums :netliconfetti: :netliheart: