How can I deploy a site with multiple html files

Hi everyone,


I have deployed a site via GitHub however I can only see the index.html file and not also the about.html file. From what I have read, is it only the index.html file that is deployed? Any help would be appreciated, thank you

There is nothing special required to deploy 1 or 1,000 files.

Can you share the repository?

Hi @codingwithsim :wave:t6: ,

When you deploy a static website on Netlify, all the files in your repository’s build directory will be deployed to your site. It’s not limited to the index.html file so if this is the case it might be because of how you setup your repo.

If you’re only seeing the index.html file on your deployed site, it’s possible that the about.html file isn’t located in the correct directory. Granted this level of debugging is outside the range of support, so hopefully someone can help if you share your repo.


Thank you, this is the repo: GitHub - CodingwithSim/learningJournal: A simple responsive bog example using HTML, CSS and JS

Appears the project is built using Vite. Suggest you look at the Vite Multi-page App documentation which shows how to add additional pages to vite.config.js.

If you are adding many more files, these would also need adding to the vite.config.js. This could end up very cumbersome. You might find Eleventy more suited to building out a multi-page static site.

Thank you, Vite was the issue. Much appreciated!

thanks so much for confirming you got your solution. (: