Issue Deploying Project on Netlify: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Hello Netlify Community,

I am currently experiencing an issue while trying to deploy my web project on Netlify. The project contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and it is structured within a public folder.

Despite my efforts, I’ve not been successful in deploying the project. I keep encountering a “Page Not Found” error upon attempting to access the deployed site.

I have attached my project directory structure to this post. I’m wondering if there might be something within it that is causing the deployment to fail.

I’d greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions on how to resolve this problem. Has anyone encountered a similar issue or can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Based on the screenshot (which makes debugging difficult) it appears the project it an ExpressJS project (based on the fact there is a server.js file.) This means the directory structure is designed for ExpressJS, and not for deploy on a static host like Netlify.

If you are able to share a git repository of the project, I (and/or others in the community) can assist is correcting the file/directory structure.

If it’s just plain HTML, JS and CSS you should be able to just upload the files to a Github repo and then create a new netlify project and reference that repo.
I would also recommend that you try to access your project on your computer and see if functionality is working as expected before uploading it to Github