Page freezes when I navigate to particular page (no errors in console, address in navbar changes)

My company’s vue app is hosted on netlify, all builds and deploys work well with no issues but when I navigate to a particular page on the website, the whole page freezes (everything is unclickable) and there are no errors in console.

Site name is

Including a video link demonstrating this error, notice that navigating to the userDocumentHistory page works fine if the user has one document, but when there are more than one document and I try to visit the userDocumentHistory page, the address in the navbar changes but the whole page freezes.
No errors in the console either and this doesn’t happen on localhost

Hi @obiwanpelosi, would you be able to share the login credentials with us or DM me if it’s private. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Audrey, thanks for the swift response. You can log in with these credentials: username: testuser password: usertest428

@obiwanpelosi Check your application code for something which may be causing an infinite loop, as it has all the hallmarks of that being what is occurring.

On my system not only does the page freeze, but the browser window does, and my CPU kicks up to full temp and the fan turns on.

Hi Nathan, I tried looking for that as well, couldn’t find it. It’s weird because it works seamlessly when I run the code locally.

@obiwanpelosi You could try downloading the files from the deployment using the button in the UI (see: Download build assets from any of your deploys) and then using npx serve in the directory to view precisely the same output locally.

It’s not likely to help you diagnose the issue, but it will reveal if it actually has anything to do with being hosted/served from Netlify (which is somewhat unlikely).

You could also compare the resulting build files against those that you get locally and make sure that you’re “comparing apples with apples”.

@audrey do you need any other info that can help resolve this ?

Hey @obiwanpelosi , we’re wondering if you tried what Nathan suggested in the last post? If so, can you let us know the result? That would be helpful to us if the problem is in fact on Netlify’s side.