[Help] reclaiming a domain

Hi there, I need my domain / subdomain reclaimed from a test account that I deleted this morning before signing up with this primary account for my org. I added the subdomain on that account to test the setup, but I didn’t realize that if I deleted my account it would get stuck and wouldn’t be able to set up the domain on my new account…

Site (on this new account):

Custom Domain:


  • TXT record

TXT verified-for-netlify https://answers.netlify.com/t/help-reclaiming-a-domain/114867

link: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Hey there, so close!

The Name field of the TXT record should only be verified-for-netlify, not verified-for-netlify.preview.corestream.com. The Text/Value field should be the link to your public post. So, your TXT record should look like this:

  • Name: verified-for-netlify
  • TTL: default
  • Text/Value: https://answers.netlify.com/t/help-reclaiming-a-domain/114867

Note: some DNS hosts will want the dot at the end, so try creating the record both with and without it if the first attempt doesn’t work

Let us know when you’ve done that and we can check it out on our side!

Reference thread here


Hoping this is right! Thanks for the help Andrew!

Awesome, I’ve verified your record and cleared the zone for you. You should be able to delete that TXT record now, and if you run into any other issues just let us know!

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