Help reclaiming a domain

I’m trying to set up a new site on Netlify for a project I contribute to

When trying to configure the custom domain, I receive the message “ or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team”. As one of the owners of this domain, I can confirm that we don’t have another site configured on Netlify, and I would like to reclaim the domain.

I looked around for a self-service feature to reclaim domains, such as Google supports for G-Suite, but it seems this hasn’t been implemented yet for Netlify. I saw a few threads for people facing the same issue, and saw that it was common to request a verified-for-netlify. TXT record to prove ownership of the domain. I’ve already gone ahead and created said record at, the Netlify site in question, is, and the custom domain I was attempting to add was

If there’s anything else required, please let me know.

Kind regards.

Can you change the txt to be the link to this thread please? Then I can help you reclaim the domain.

Hi Sam, thanks for your prompt reply. I have updated the TXT record to point to this thread as requested.

Excellent, thanks @cewood . I’ve verified your record and cleared the zone for you! Feel free to delete the record now, and let us know if you have additional trouble adding the domain. Thanks!

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!