Having trouble configuring my settings to deploy my custom domain

This is my first time using the site and I’m running into an issue with configuring my settings to propagate my website. I created my site using glitch and purchased my site on squarepace. I’m trying to keep the code from glitch so I uploaded it to GitHub and then uploaded it my netlify account. I built the site using basic HTML so I didn’t need to declare any special libraries. I matched the domain nameservers as well. I’ve listed more details such as netlify site name, domain name, and a screenshot of my build configurations. Thanks for any help in advance.


I’m not sure if I’m having DNS issues. My custom domain was purchased through squarespace and the name is releenaresearch.com.

Given the same Page Not Found error is visible on both releenaresearchltd.netlify.app and releenaresearch.com the issue is likely you have published the wrong directory. See more

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Should I consider moving my domain from sqaurespace to netlify to mitigate the DNS issue if there is one? My github code doesn’t require a lot to configure in the build settings and when i go to deploy I’m not even getting to see if it is propagating or not. I’ve also noticed that Netlify cannot provision ssl certificate because my domain is hosted on squarespace.

This is not a DNS issue. The domain releenaresearch.com resolves correctly. The issue, as I explained previously, if you have published the wrong directory, or don’t have an index.html in the published directory as it outlined in the support guide above.

Can you share the repository you are deploying from?

This is entirely incorrect. releenaresearch.com has a valid SSL certificate.

Here is the link to my repo.

I noticed in the repo all of my code is just saved under releenaresearch.html but I need subfolders with the code identified separately?

For example, should there be a folder that says releenaresearch-website and a subfolder with index.html that has the actual code?

Thank you for helping me through this process. I really do appreciate it.

Rename releenaresearch.html to index.html.

Ok I have made the name changes. Should I proceed with the build config and deployment?

It is already deployed. Look at your domain.

Thank you for all of your expertise. This is wonderful. :pray:t6: :pray:t6: :pray:t6:

Just one more question. When I want to make updates to my site. Will I just need to make changes from my github repo?

Yes you will need to make the change in GitHub repository. Any changes are automatically deployed.

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