Conecting a squarespace custom domain to my netlify site

Yesterday I bought a custom domain from Squarespace and connected it to one of my sites on Netlify. Although I am using custom nameservers from Netlify to point the site, it is not visible online. Is there anything I am missing out?
Below is a screenshot for your reference, thank you so much in advance:

Hi @RaquelD-B,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Looks like the site is online now and resolving properly. Visiting is resolving and I’m seeing the SSL Certificate. Could you let us know if you’re still having issues? If you are still having issues, could you clarify what you see when going to the URL?

Hi Melvin!
Thank you for your answer. When visiting I see this:

When I am expecting to see the result of this site:
Do you think it is a matter of time for the correct page to show up?

Hi @RaquelD-B,

Thanks for following up. I’m seeing the following when I go to

It may be that the site you’re seeing is from your browser cache. Could you try clearing your browser cache or trying a different browser (or incognito view) to see if you continue to have issue?

Thank you @Melvin , I’ve cleared the cache, tried a different browser and opened the link in icognito but the issue persist :frowning_face:

Hi, @RaquelD-B. You registrar is setting a 48 hour “time to live” value on your authoritative NS records as shown below:	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS

Those are the current records, not the previous ones for Squarespace. That said, I’m as sure as I can be that the previous records had a TTL value of 172800 as well. That is the time in seconds that this DNS record should be cached. 172800 seconds is 48 hours. This means your local resolver might cache the previous Squarespace records for two days. We never loaded the site before so we got the new records when we tested. You have loaded the site before and are likely getting cached (the previous and now changed) DNS records.

This means it may be 48 hours before you see any changes locally. There is a support guide about this here as well:

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You are totally right @luke , Now the site is working properly. Thank you so much

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