Give the option to publish analytics publicly

As an open source project, we do everything in the open. As such, I’d like the option to share our analytics publicly.

This is currently not possible with Netlify Analytics, so consider this a humble feature request :slight_smile:
If I’d have to try and sell it, I’d say that users showing of your product should be good for you guys, right?

Thanks in advance for considering it.

No feature request too humble! All of your team collaborators of course can see them in our UI, but that doesn’t help with transparency to your userbase. For now, there is an undocumented API that you can see how to use in Raymond’s post, here:

…but that API could change anytime so not worth spending many hours implementing, methinks!

I’ve gotten a feature request filed and we’ll follow up here if we implement it!


I have to second this. This is such a feature. So worth it, and need it.

Have a good day guys.

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we’ve made a note of it, @michael-andreuzza!

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Nice one ! Thanks a lot Perry.