Change to unofficial Analytics API?

I built a demo a while ago (Building a Netlify Stats Viewer in Vue.js) using the undocumented Analytics API. This worked fine for some time, but recently I noticed something weird. It looks like you can no longer request stats over thirty days old with the API. Is that a planned change? Also, is there anything we can do in the meantime to get more stats? I’m fine writing my own tools, but if the API prevents it completely, then I’m kind of out of luck.

If it’s a performance issue (asking for hundreds of rows of page view data for example), I’d be fine with a solution requiring pagination and multiple HTTP calls.

My main goal is simple - just to see how many page view hits I got last year.

Hi, @cfjedimaster. Our Analytics service doesn’t store content older than 30 days. It is a rolling time window of information. Information older than 30 days is currently purged automatically from the API database.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Shoot. This has to be a change though as I was definitely getting older data in my tool (and other’s I built. You can see it in the screenshot of my tool itself.

So - that being said - can you comment on the “official” Netlify admin tool? If it will never support greater than 30 days of stats, that’s a huge reason for me to switch back to Google Analytics quickly. I really need to see more history of data.

hi @cfjedimaster,

i’m looking at the issues where we are tracking the work on providing a longer window for data, but unfortunately i don’t see an ETA for that feature. Sorry! I wish i had better news for you, i know you have been wanting this for some time.