Historical Analytics Data (more than 30 days)

Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to access historical analytics data from more than the past 30 days? Would be ideal to get a view of how the site has been tracking since launch. And also be able to compare month on month.



Hey @speldie23,

thanks for chiming in. At the moment, a longer time window isn’t available. It would be a really nice idea to have a longer time window for the analytics, for sure, and you are not the only person interested! I have added your comment to an existing feature request - and we’ll definitely let you know when/if this happens.

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We are also looking for this - not having any historical data makes the analytics product not very useful compared to other analytics tools such as Google Analytics (plus its not free!). I would at least expect more infos about the top pages (not just the top 10), insights into hrefs, user agents, and all the things we could get from e.g. Apache2 log analysis open source tools.

I hear you, arekkas! I do hope we’ll be able to implement some of those suggestions - and if we do, we will definitely let you know.

Hi Perry, is there a process to request historical analytics data? We have been hosting our project (an Open Source book project) since 2019. I have recently activated the analytics but I see that I can only access analytics for up to 30 days. Since Netlify collects page visits and associated data (in a GDPR compliant way), I would like to know if I can request, either via my account or using API, data for last year or more. I would like to use this data to develop a community report and evaluate our impact and reach. If Netlify doesn’t provide a longer history, does the team recommend using a specific third-party open source analytics service like Motomo or Plausible? Any guidance and resource that addresses these questions will be super useful.

hi there, unfortunately, no, there is no way currently to see or access data older than 30 days. Sorry! I wish i had better news for you.

Hi there,

is there any update or progress made on this request. 30 days is nice but you want to look at quarterly or yearly stats. Even an export-function would help so we can create it ourselves.

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hi @jdriven.com , i totally hear you! I wish I had an update to share - but at present, I do not. Hopefully in the future though, it is not off the table.

I’d like to also jump on the bandwagon and ask if I could be added to the existing feature request as we’re looking to move away from GA to your analytics service.

is there anyway of downloading a data-dump of the last 30 days results which we could then archive?

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Hey there, @thirlz95 :wave: At present, there is not! That being said, I will add your voice to the feature request.

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is it any different for bandwidth ? I need too see how much we used last time we had extremely high traffic.

Plus any stats on Security: SSO, RBAC, DDoS mitigation ?


Hi @dpcY,

Bandwidth is differently visible in two different places in UI. In the dashboard’s home, you can see the bandwidth used by the entire team in the current billing cycle.

If you enable Analytics, you can see bandwidth used by that website in the past 30 days. But even this data cannot be downloaded.

I’m not sure what you mean? If you can be a little more descriptive it’d help. We already support SSO and RBAC for a long time now. DDoS Mitigation exists and we take active measures if we see an extreme resource usage.

thanks @hrishikesh - so now we are paying for Business it would be good to know that the extra cost is actually protecting the site more. The business plan has ‘Security: SSO, RBAC, DDoS mitigation’. So is there anyway to see logs from security breach attempts?

Also need to urgently add more build minutes but can’t seem to do this anywhere in the dashboard. Is this possible? I’ve emailed sales which seems to be the only option to do this.


Hi @dpcY,

  1. SSO is available under the account settings. That’s useful only to give access to your account. That won’t help to keep your published website safe.

  2. RBAC can be used with Netlify Identity or any other JWT provider which support H256 algorithm. It is useful in redirects.

  3. DDoS mitigation is always active and we take action when we see an abnormal spike. I’m not sure if there are logs available publicly for that, but I’ll get that confirmed.

About the build minutes, you need not reach the sales team. The support team does that. You could write in the helpdesk or open a thread on the forums along with the name of that sire for which you need it. Now you could just reply here with the name of the website and I’ll update it.

Please throw my voice in there too. We needed to report on data from last year and didn’t actually realise there was a 30-day limit.

Hey there @littlethunder

Thanks for chiming in, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! I have added your voice to the open issue.

I’d like to also cast my vote for this feature!

Hi @fidibidi,

Thank you for adding your voice to this.

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Adding our voice too! I had assumed long-term analytics were included as this is a paid service. Shocked that only the last 30 days is included and everything before then is gone/lost! Will be cancelling now until improved.

Hi @mfurdyk,

Thank you for letting us know that it didn’t match your expectations. We hope that you’d re-subscribe once it’s improved.