Analytics-only users?

We have more users interested in the analytics data than devs using the build service :slight_smile:

It’s certainly very basic, but in the age of GDPR getting raw access logs matters to understand true traffic volume.

Adding $20/mo users, just to peek at these simple charts is unreasonable. Do we have options, other than exporting the data elsewhere?

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Hiya @doublejosh ! Sadly you aren’t missing anything - there isn’t a cheaper way to get additional analytics users than by adding them as teammates, at your plan level.

We have a bunch of related feature requests and I’d be happy to add your voice to the relevant one. Could you let me know more about what you’d prefer? Some possibilities, or choose your own adventure:

  • we want to create cheaper or free users who can just see this chart
  • it would be sufficient to be able to share a less-interactive chart via email on demand
  • we really WANT to export anyway so just let us do that
  • something else?

We have just entered beta with a product that does give you raw log access (perhaps with IP addresses obscured slightly to be GDPR compliant), which can be added to the enterprise plan (cf Netlify Pricing and Plans), so there is another option, if you’d like to talk to our sales team about pricing.

Let me know if you are interested in the reach-out from sales, and which (if any) of those feature requests best express your desires and we’ll get your voice added to the list. This won’t be a promise to implement it, but it will help us choose the best thing to implement in the future should we choose to extend that product (which seems likely as you point out, in this GDPR-based reality, as this product neatly sidesteps your obligations as data provider by not exposing PII to you, which is valuable to many people :))

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I recently noticed you have a “Reviewer role.” You should just allow these people to access analytics.

This is a strategic win to have more people in the organization accessing Netlify… even if they are free users at first.

That’s a great suggestion! I’ll wrap it up in our feature request. Guessing that means you aren’t interested in talking to sales, so I’ll give some parting advice so you can potentially solve your problem today:

There is one other very unsupported option for you, as documented here: Building a Netlify Stats Viewer in Vue.js - you can use our API to export that data. However, we make no promises that these endpoints will remain unchanged or stable! As it happens, they have not changed in the past year, but they could someday. If you have any trouble using this workflow, I’d suggest commenting on Raymond’s blog to work with him directly on any issues, as we will not be able to provide tech support on using that API. But maybe it will help you achieve your goals today :slight_smile:

I think “reviewer” is just a marketing term for “your preview sites are public” …so those people don’t actually have a login :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: