Export analytics data to csv or json

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We recently acquired the Netlify Analytics service, but we would like to export the information displayed here in a format such as CSV or JSON, in order to study and present this data. Is there a way to do this? Or is there an additional service we need to purchase?

There is no way to do this within our platform; that data is not intended for export and there is no supported export path below the enterprise level, where we include Log Drains (Log Drains | Netlify Docs) - which can send you a copy of all of your logs (which is of course much different than the analytics summary data you see, and much harder to manage the scale of)

However, several savvy customers have figured out how to reverse engineer the unsupported analytics API, and you could copy their work. While we do not commit to this API remaining stable - it hasn’t changed much in the past 3 years, so it’s also not a terrible bet to write code against it like they did. Here’s a couple examples:

Of course we can’t provide tech support on those workflows, but I know several other customers have used them, even recently.

Hope that helps!

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