GitLab Repositories In Groups Cannot Be Used To initialize Netlify Sites

I have noticed that when I try to initialize a Netlify site from a GitLab repository that belongs to a GitLab group, I cannot. Any repositories in a group will not be visible when I try to initialize the site. Surely many people host sites with subdomains associated with different GitLab repositories, and on Gitlab it is easiest to put such repositories into a group. But currently in order to connect a GitLab repository to Netlify it cannot be part of a group, this causes disorganization on the GitLab end. Is there is a way to resolve this? Thank you.

Hey Isaac,

Thanks for writing in! You can choose from any GitLab Group you have access to in the dropdown when you’re selecting your repository:

Note though that as per the help text in the screenshot, you’ll need to be at least a Maintainer of any Group repositories. I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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