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Gitlab create a new site: No repositories found

When trying to create a new site from my GitLab account, it always shows: “No repositories found”.
I tried removing my GitLab account and reauthorizing it several times with no luck.

I checked on my GitLab account that the Netlify application is present with full api access, and I am the owner of all the repositories on my GitLab account. My repositories are private and are also in a GitLab group. Is there something else I need to do for Netlify to gain access to my repositories?

Hi, @ctalis. A frontend application change was recently reverted that might resolve this. Would you please test this again now and let us know if you still see the issue occurring?

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Hi @luke. I just tried again and indeed I now get a dropdown were I can select the GitLab group and there I can see my repositories. Thank you very much!

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