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Can't see all GitLab repos even though I'm a Maintainer

Hi there,

I have a strange one…

I am a Maintainer of several repos in Gitlab and when I try to create a new site, Netlify connects and lists some repos but not the one I need to create. It also seems to link to archived repos…

It’s as if it’s displaying a cache of old repos and needs a kick.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. login to netlify and press Create a new site
  2. select Gitlab
  3. popup shows briefly and authenticates
  4. Listed repos does not show latest repos joined and also lists archived repos

Any ideas?


Okay, I found the issue. Archived repos do show and the repo I cannot see is because I was invited to it and am a Maintainer - it seems from this thread I need to be an admin

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Thanks for reporting your fix! I’ve updated the title of this post in case others run into something similar.