Gitlab not all projects shown


i’m trying to connect netlify to one of our gitlab repositories but if i try to select the correct project from the select dropdown at Continuous Deployment: GitLab only the first 15 projects from gitlab are shown sorted by name, started by A. The List ends after 15 projects, but we have a lot more. Is this the expected behaviour? I need to setup a site from a project at position x > 15 but this is not possible right now.

Is this some kind of free account restriction?

All the projects have the same permissons and setting up one of the 15 shown projects is not a problem.

Any suggestions, please?

Many thanks,


Not a free account restriction - linking works the same for every account level. Maybe an unintended API limitation.

Could you give more details? Are you talking about “teams”, or “repos inside a team”, or something else? Are sub-teams involved?

We’d love to get more information on exactly your setup so we can get a bug filed.

Regardless, to get things working right now, perhaps you could link it manually using our CLI, and then adjust the settings in our UI?

Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs has details about

We have a gitlab group and there we have subgroups for every client with in the client group there are all projects of the client for example:


Only the first 15 groups are shown at the select field but we have a lot more.

Thank you very much for your effort.

thanks for sharing those details @Dots_United! - I’ve added that to the bug report.

We’ll reply back here when we have an update on this, and apologize for the inconvenience in the interim.

Same issue here. Any news?

it happens when the sub-groups have the same name.


hi lorenzo,

we are actively working on this issue and hope to have a fix implemented soon. One of us will update this thread as soon as we have any news. Thanks for your patience.

We have the same issue.
The network tab shows that the repositories are there somewhere, but not in the UI.

Hope you can find a way to fix this.
Thank you!

Thanks so much for reporting, @Dots_United, @lorenzocadamuro, and @Fabien!

We’ve deployed a fix that should allow access you to select any of your accessible groups and subgroups via the dropdown.

Please do reply on this thread if this change fixes the groups issue or if you experience other issues or difficulties in choosing a group or subgroup from the dropdown.

We are also actively working on another issue with paging through the list of repositories and should have have fix out for that soon. I’ll send another update when we release that fix.



Hey @nicholas, the problem is still present.

At moment in GitLab I have the following structure:

  • GroupA
    • Clients
    • Lab
  • GroupB
    • Clients
    • Lab

But Netlify shows me ONLY the projects inside the Group A, even though in the dropdown shows me all the groups and subgroups.


Hi @lorenzocadamuro,

Thank you for the detailed description and follow up. I’m glad to hear that the dropdown is displaying all of the groups and subgroups. Based, on the details you provided, I am able to reproduce the issue that you described given a project structure similar to your example.

We’ll get started on a fix for this. We appreciate your patience as we work through these. I’ll update when we roll out a release.


Hi @lorenzocadamuro,

I’ve deployed a change that should hopefully resolve the issue described above. Please do let me on this thread if the latest deploy fixes this issue for you or if you have any other issues accessing or finding your GitLab projects.


Hey, @nicholas.

sorry for my late reply – I confirm that know it works as expected.

Thanks for the support.

I still have this issue. Few days back my colleague was able to add a gitlab repository from a sub-group.

But today, in my account, it’s not listing any of the subgroup repositories.

Hi there, @pyarun

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. Have you tried linking it manually using our CLI, and then adjust the settings in our UI? As fool mentioned above in the thread, has details about how to do this.

Let us know!