Link your site to a Git repository

When attempting to link to at Gitlab repository, the list of project folders only goes to “E” (in my case) making most of the repos unaccessible from the dropdown list. There is no way to scroll further down the list, and no way of searching repos not in a folder.

Browser: Chrome 79

Hmm, seems like something changed - this used to work but you are the second to report it today:

Gitlab not all projects shown describes a workaround.

I’ve asked our front-end team to take a look and see if they can understand and accommodate the change. Could you confirm whether all repos are directly in your account rather than in different teams or subteams, please?

Thanks so much for reporting, @perjackson!

We’ve deployed a fix that should allow access you to select any of your accessible groups and subgroups via the dropdown.

Please do reply on this thread if this change fixes the groups issue or if you experience other issues or difficulties in choosing a group or subgroup from the dropdown.


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Works perfect now – thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

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