Bugs fixed: Unable to access GitLab projects

The problem

We recently heard from a few of our customers that they were unable to access some of their GitLab projects during the new site creation step in our UI. After doing some investigating, this turned out to be a few bugs in one which were preventing users from seeing all of their repos.

What we fixed

It took a few releases, but I’m happy to report that your GitLab projects should now be accessible. Here’s what we fixed

  • The dropdown list of GitLab groups did not scale well for customers with a lot of groups. We were limiting the results to 25, which some customers have GitLab account accounts with many more than that. We removed that limitation, so customer’s with lots of groups can access them from the dropdown.
  • Some our customers have GitLab “subgroups” with identical names. This caused a naming collision in our dropdown which would prevent you from distinguishing and accessing the correct “subgroup”. We fixed the dropdown to use unique “subgroup” names by prefixing with the “group” to prevent the naming collision.
  • We were not displaying pagination links on the list of projects which would prevent access when the number of projects in a selected group exceeded that. We added the pagination back in to the project list to fix this.