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Can’t see repositories

Hey Folks, when I try to create a new site from Gitlab, although I am a maintainer, I don’t see any repositories from the other organization(s), it shows just mine. What should I do?

When you sign into gitlab via Netlify’s interface, you’ll see a dropdown in the upper left corner showing you your account as well as any organizations you might be a part of. Select the one you want and then chose a repo to deploy.

Thank you for the reply, @noelforte. Unfortunately, there is no dropdown or clickable item.

Thanks for the help @noelforte! Hmm, @raufsamestone, seems like “maintainer” is not enough permissions - we need admin permissions (to be able to add deploy key and webhook). If you can’t get those permissions, you can work with someone who has them to link the repo, using our CLI: