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Free Plan Website Size Limit

Sorry, do you mean that we can now upload sites larger than 100 MB or simply that the API will now properly report the problem?

There wasn’t a 100 MB limit. This is what changed:

  • filenames with newlines in them no longer cause an error

The previous error message would print the total deploy size when a filename contained a newline character.

The error made it seem like the issue was related to the size of the deploy when it was not. There is confusion about this above but the root cause of the issue was a newline in the filename and not the size of the deploy.

To summarize, what was fixed was that newline could not appear in filenames and now they can. There was never a 100 MB limit.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Hey there @ajeet it looks like that link you referenced in this post is now used as a phishing link. I have removed this link from your post… I assume that this is a past domain you have used and that you have not actively linked to a malicious site. Please read the forum Guidelines

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