Large site on Netlify - what are the limits?

I got a quite large website (not large in pages but in image files) that I want to move from WordPress to Hugo.

Because of the size, I want to place part of the website into separate repositories (images from 2014, 2015, etc. into separate). Using the Hugo module, I will try to merge them into one website (main repo with multiple repos into one hugo build).

In theory, everything looks fine, but would like to ask for your opinion, is there any limit from Netlify on the size of the website and the use of Hugo Module.

On the end, the website will weigh 10-15GB. Typically Github repos build on Netlify are 2GB.

Prefer to ask before I even start spending my time building everything and discover that is not working.

Thank you in advance.

ps. Cross discussion on Hugo Discourse if you want to read Hugo part.

Hi @idarek,

There are no hard limits in place for website’s size. But the bigger the repo, the more time it’ll take to clone it. Thankfully you’re using Hugo, so the site building might take less time, but the cloning of the repo of 15 GB might take a few mins. Netlify doesn’t support shallow cloning yet.

Other than that (build minutes) and bandwidth I don’t think you’d have to work with any limits.

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