Form submission receiving on email very late


I’ve read and researched in the Netlify Community about forwarding form-submissions to my email and am still confused.
It’s working, but it takes about 15 minutes to receive it in my emailbox ?
I’m not sure I did the settings correctly.
I have a custom domain that was bought with Siteground and I have put the DNS settings to point to Netlify.
On siteground I created an email address and within Netlify I have put MX settings in the DNS zone to point back to siteground for the email. With a forward on siteground to my gmail.
And then to forward the form submissions to my gmail I have put a form notification to be send to that same email-address.
What is wrong that it’s taking so long for an email to come in ? Maybe I created a loop that is too long ? What is the best way to do this ?

Could you tell us more about how you send emails? Is this just using our standard form submission notification to your email address? If so, for which site, please?

Thanks so much for your reply.
The last test I did was quicker, but still not 100% sure I did the settings correctly.
It’s for our website ( and custom domain )
Yes, I’m just using the standard form submission notification going to my email
THANKS SO MUCH in advance

Thanks! I just checked and we sent the email immediately. If you’re seeing email delays, you’ll need to work with your email provider on that.