[Feature Request] Stop showing domain name instead of chosen site name


In the Site list on the web app, when a site with a user-chosen name gets a custom domain, the domain name will replace the chosen site name in the list.

In the case a site has already an user-chosen name, custom domain shouldn’t replace it.

hi @devLuko , could you show us what you mean with a screenshot? that would be helpful!

I think he means this:

Say you had a site called Perry.netlify.app. In would appear on the Sites dashboard page as Perry.

If you subsequently obtained a custom domain (say, scmperry.info), your listing of sites on your Dashboard page would change to scmperry.info from Perry.

@devLuko , can you confirm if @gregraven is correct? We want to make sure we understand what you are requesting, as well as any additional context you can provide.

I confirm that it’s what I’m talking about

Here you can see www.luko.eu instead of “cover-front-prod”

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 19.38.33

Hey there,

Thanks for clarifying! We will raise this with our UX team and follow up here should there be any developments. Thank you so much for raising this, we always appreciate feedback :netliconfetti: