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Changing the site name

Apparently the first custom domain is what is displayed in the list of sites. So for example, if I have two custom domains: staging.mysite.com and issuer.mysite.com, the first in the list, ie- ‘staging’ is what will display in the sites list.

I would like to have issuer.mysite.com display instead. Is it possible to change the order or mark one custom domain as the preferred domain?

This is similar to another feature request. I confirm we want the same thing.

Hi. I don’t understand why you need a preferred domain? Which feature do you want to use? What should this solve?

Hi @wmclaxton,

Yes, I’m confused like @cristinaragland56 too.

But about this, the ‘primary’ domain is the one that’s displayed. You can set the domain as primary and move the other one to alias and it would do the trick.

You are right Hrishikesh. Set as primary domain was the solution that I’m looking for. I just didn’t know that feature existed.