Failing to get a response from Cloudfront

Hello! So basically, everything was working alright until some hours ago, no new builds coincide with the appearance of this issue.

The website currently does not show up and the following queries, going towards Cloudfront, time-out during the loading:

  • a7cd871e6073db08581590326dd998fe55ddc3ce.js
  • main.735cc2dc.chunk.css

Website at:
Here’s an x-nf-request-id: fe5599ee-ec01-4483-a20b-630eefe83917
and a HAR file: HAR File (Google Drive link)

A hiccup? It’s loading fine on my end.

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Hey there, @Meave :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those details. Seconding what @freddy shared here, this site is loading fine on my end.

Does this error occur when you try loading the sites in different browsers or on different machines?

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That’s weird, I tried loading it through a VPN and it seems to work, so I guess it’s an issue with my local ISP?

Hey there @Meave, that would be my suspicion!

Alright Thanks for your reply @hillary, I was digging into that until it suddenly started working again.
When I checked the Netlify status on the support page earlier (before I posted in here), one of the rows for Atlassian Bitbucket was under “Degraded Performance”, which isn’t the case now. Does that relate somehow?

BitBucket is a GIT repository similar to GitHub and GitLab, a place to host your code that Netlify can build from. So no, not related :slight_smile: